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Buffalo Story
Buffalo Story:

Tim has completed this monumental piece. Please contact Tim for more information.
Site will be updated with details in the near future!

Click this link to view the Movie!

Country vs Rock Chess Set
Country vs Rock Chess:
This item will be part of the Silent Auction, March 14th, 6pm, at the CM Russell Art Auction.

It's been said that a person can not be a little bit country AND a little bit rock and roll.
Tim's newest, whimsical chess set lets you battle out the musical argument with hand painted 4-5 inch chess pieces.
Each piece was remarkably hand carved to resemble rock and country legends of the past and present.
True to Tim's creativity, each musician was crafted to include a hidden, or not so hidden message.
Each set will be molded in resin and uniquely hand painted, and will include custom hand made board.
Price as of 11/01/12 $1750.

Wish you were Here

New prints from Tim, Wish You Were Here.
Print is 16x20, 200 signed/numbered. $75
10 Limited Edition Giclee prints on canvas. 22 X 28 $375.
8X10 Framed Prints. $45
Price is Signed, Shrink wrapped & Shipped
Please see the contact page for ordering information.

Bad Mans Bar

Click Images for larger view. Image on right shows names/movies, but are NOT on the actual prints.

New prints from Tim, Bad Mans Bar.
All the classic 'villians' from the Old West, come together in one location.
25 Limited Edition signed/number Giclee prints on canvas. 24 X 15 $375.
Giclee print on paper, 20 x 12, signed but not numbered, $125
Price is Signed, Shrink wrapped & Shipped
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  • CM Russell Art Auction, 2013. Visit Tim in room 181 March 14 - 16 in Great Falls, MT.

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